How much does the trip cost?

The price of the tour is $1,590 USD which includes entrance fees to the sites, transport when in Israel, accommodation, and meals. The only meals you will need to buy which are not included are one lunch and one evening meal during our free time. You may also wish to buy things like souvenirs or extra drinks during the trip. Because the tour is international and participants fly in from a variety of destinations, we ask each participant to book their own flight so this is not included in the tour price.

When will I need to pay?

When you book your place online, you will be charged an initial deposit of $200. Then 60 days before the trip begins the Israeli tour company, Keshet, will send you an email with a response form, which you will be asked to fill out and send back to them. This form gives your approval for the final booking and for the remaining balance of $1,390 USD to be processed. If you sign up less than 60 days before departure you will still pay the initial deposit of $200 when booking but you'll receive the email requesting the balance very soon afterwards, which you would need to pay right away.

When should I arrive in Israel?

You should arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv no later than 13:30 on the day of the start of the trip. This will allow sufficient time for you to be collected and transported to Avia Hotel where the opening meeting is held. If you are travelling a long distance (for example from North and South America, Australia or Asia) we highly recommend that you arrive in Tel Aviv 1 day before the tour starts, to get some rest and adapt to the time zone before our busy schedule starts.

Where can I stay if I arrive a few days before?

For those who arrive a day early, you can book an extra pre-arrival night at Avia Hotel, from where we’ll start our tour. When you fill out your online booking form stating your early arrival, please book your pre-arrival night at the same time. This accommodation is only about 15 min from the Ben Gurion International airport Please make sure to be there no later than 3pm. The full address is: Avia Hotel, Derech Hahoresh 4, Yehud-Monosson. (See map)

Where will we meet in Israel? Will anyone be waiting for me at the airport?

Upon your arrival at Tel Aviv airport you will pass through security, collect your luggage and exit to the arrival hall. There an Engage Israel team member will welcome you and organize your transfer to Avia Hotel.

Which flight itinerary details will I need to communicate with you?

In order to organize your transfer from and to the airport, we will need your exact flight itinerary (flight times inbound and outbound, airline, flight number, port of origin).

When should I book my return flight for and how will we get to the airport?

If you wish to leave Israel at the end of the tour, we recommend you book your return ticket departing no earlier than 12.00PM (noon). This is because you are required to be at the airport 3 hours prior to your departure time and our bus will be leaving for Tel Aviv airport around 8AM with approximately 1 hour driving time. Therefore, if you need to book an early flight to return, we will gladly help organize your individual transfer to the airport on a shuttle bus, however we are unable to cover this extra cost which will be approximately $26USD per person. This also applies if you book a later flight and do not wish to leave at 8am.

What if I want to extend my trip to explore Israel on my own?

You are certainly welcome to add a few more days after our tour ends.

Please note that should you wish to extend your visit, you will need to book your accommodation yourself. If you would like any help with where to stay we will be happy to send you some suggestions – please contact us if you would like more information.

What will the trip schedule look like?

Intense. Very intense. To sum up, most days we will leave our accommodation around 8 AM and return between 6 – 7 PM. Please see detailed itinerary on the webpage.

Are we having a day off during the trip?

There isn’t a scheduled ‘day off’ during the trip, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have some time to rest during the day… Somehow ;-)

I’m married and would like to know if you offer double rooms for married couples?

Yes, we offer double rooms for married couples for US $ 1790 per person. You have the opportunity to book your trip accordingly.

May I have a single room if I pay extra?

Unfortunately, due to the number of participants and space limitations at our booked accommodation sites, we are unable to offer single rooms.

I’m not fluent in English, can I still come?

The tour guiding will be in English and we provide translation into French and German or Spanish upon request by headsets. (please let us know in advance if needed). If English is your second language it is essential that you have a good grasp and firm understanding of this language.

I am not 18 yet — can I still go on the trip?

If you are aged 17 you will be able to participate if your parents (or legal guardian) sign a document which we can provide upon request. If you’re under 17, it’s only a short wait for our next year tour…!

What’s the specific purpose for this trip?

This trip is designed to equip you and help you grow spiritually! You will get to know the land and the people of Israel quite well. You will have plenty of opportunity to bless the land, to help people and enjoy dynamic prayer and worship times. You will be receiving excellent biblical teachings from world-wide known teachers, seeing behind the political and spiritual scene and exploring the beauty of the holy land first hand. We designed this program to turbo-charge your spiritual life and we expect God to bless your socks off…!